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Canarywood with 24kt Gold Plating

Canarywood with 24kt Gold Plating

The secret compartment keychain is handmade from Canarywood. The heartwood can vary a fair amount from a pale yellow orange to a darker reddish brown usually with darker streaks throughout. Some pieces of Canarywood can be almost rainbow colored with dark red streaks along with the natural orange, yellow, and brown. Canarywood grows in South America primarily from Panama to southern Brazil. The hardware is plated in 24kt gold.
The secret compartment keychain is also called a pill box or toothpick holder as they can be conveniently stored inside. The secret compartment can also provide a convenient and stealthy place to keep an extra bill for those "just in case" situations.
  • Details

    The keychain is approximately 3" long and 5/8" wide (sizes vary due to the handcrafting process) and comes with a stainless steel 1 11/16" interior tube and a rubber "O" ring gasket at the cap. The pictured keychain (#399) is the keychain you will receive. The keychain is shipped in a felt pouch usually within 24 hours of the order.
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