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Handmade Dark Aqua Ergonomic Crochet Handle with Satin Plating

Handmade Dark Aqua Ergonomic Crochet Handle with Satin Plating

The crochet handle is handmade from Dark Aqua Spectraply. Dark Aqua Spectraply is a colored laminated birch hardwood that is fabricated using thin layers of dyed-wood  in rich bright turquoise and onyx. The hardware is satin plated.

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    This is the only truly ergonomic, functional, and beautiful design for a crochet handle for interchangeable aluminum hooks. If you have issues with your hands such as arthritis and carpal tunnel, this is the first set that addresses the hand pain.  This crochet handle is a dream to crochet with and worth every penny. The handle is 4" long and has a circumference of 4" to 4 1/2" at its widest point. This is the perfect gift for any crocheter and/or knitter. With this tool the recipient can make loops in thread or yarn to interlock them into crochet stitches. The handle will let you quickly swap out hooks. Flip the hook to easily store in its handle. The hook is made of aluminum and all hardware has a satin finish. There are nine different hook sizes available for your selection. A kit which includes this handle, six hooks (CDEFGH), and a carrying case can also be purchased as an option. Additional hook sizes can be purchased individually. The pictured crochet hook handle is the handle (along with the hook of your choice) is representative of the finished product you will receive although there may be slight variations in color tones, grain patterns and contours. The product is shipped USPS first class mail in a felt pouch usually within 24 hours of order. Gift boxes are available in the gift box menu. Handle comes with Certificate of Handmade Authenticity and Registration, instructions for care, and written warranty. There is no finer gift to others or yourself than a stunningly beautiful, totally unique (the only one in the world), handmade quality utilitarian object that will be treasured and used for a lifetime. 

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