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Hard Maple Taylor's Clapper

Hard Maple Taylor's Clapper

SKU: 9005

The Taylor's Clapper is handmade from Hard Maple also known as Sugar Maple or Rock Maple. Unlike most other hardwoods, Hard Maple's sapwood is normally used rather than the heartwood. The color of the sapwood can vary ranging from white to an off white cream color and grows in Northeastern North America. 

  • Details

    The Taylor's Clapper is used to get flat, crisp seams and creases while sewing. The Taylor's Clapper originated in the dressmaking and tayloring world about 150 years ago in England. The wood absorbs the steam and traps the heat inside the fabric; this is the magic of the Taylor's Clapper. Taylor's Clappers are made from unfinished hardwood only since the wood has to be heavy and close-grained to work properly. The pictured clapper is 2" wide at one end and 3" wide at the opposite end, is 10" long, and is 1 1/2" thick. This size provides enough weight to press fabrics and enough width to cover large seam allowances. Both sides have rounded groves for finger holds for ease of use. The clapper are made out of solid hard maple wood so the picture may not reflect exactly what you receive but it will be made out of hard maple wood and is usually shipped within 24 hours of the order. Holder comes with Certificate of Handmade Authenticity and Registration, instructions for care, and written warranty. There is no finer gift to others or yourself than a stunningly beautiful, totally unique (the only one in the world), handmade quality utilitarian object that will be treasured and used for a lifetime.






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