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Every Moment is a Memory


Hello, I am the Old Master or as my  grandchildren call me Grandpa Rich.  During my working career my hobby and  passion was always woodworking, specifically, building fine furniture. When I was machining  wood for a project, I was always fascinated by the beauty and diversity of  the  grain patterns and colors present in the wood. This was especially true of wood turned on a lathe; every turning was a surprise.

One day while reading a woodworking magazine, I saw an ad for pen making supplies. The finished pens looked beautiful and since I was retired and already had all of the machinery, equipment and tools, I decided to try making a few pens.  I made pens in different  styles and materials and showed them to my family and freinds. The reception was overwelming and soon I had orders for a staggering amount of pens. 

My wife is a seamstress and quilter and she needed a new seam ripper and sewing stiletto so she asked me if I could make them. I said I would try and made several styles with different types of materials and she loved them. She showed them to her seamstress and quilter friends and sold all of them and again I had a backlog of orders.


The same senario happened for all of our other products. After ten years and much encouragement from family, friends. and customers, I decided to create a website, and here it is. 


We would sincerely appreciate your comments about our products, service or website, complementary or not. Of course we all enjoy compliments; however, we cannot make positive changes unless we are aware of your constructive critisims.


Old Master Pen Shoppe

711 Crestview Drive

Metamora, Il. 61548


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