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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty?


Our warranty is one year to the original owner on defects in parts and workmanship, normal wear and tear excepted. Damage by abuse ( the " do nots" under care of your product for example) is not covered. Naturally occurring elements in wood (voids, worm holes, inclusions) are not considered defects. Most products are pressed together under hundreds of pounds of pressure and require special tools and techniques to disassemble. Any attempt to disassemble the product will almost always damage or destroy the product and therefore voids the warrant. Consumables such as ink cartridges, ink, leads, stylus tips, blades are not covered under the warranty. Since each product is unique, the product cannot be exactly reproduced, not even by us. If you have a warranty claim please contact us for a returned goods authorization. We will make our best effort to repair the product, replace the product (will not be an exact reproduction), or refund the purchase price.


Does your use of exotic woods have an impact on the environment?


The woods (exotic or domestic) we use in our products are generally not considered an endangered species or if they are the wood is harvested from managed tree farms.

                                                               How do I care for my product?


Like all fine products, your purchase requires care and maintenance to give you a lifetime of enjoyment. The following are the "do's" and "do nots" for the care and maintenance of your product:



  • Use a high quality furniture wax (Johnson's paste wax is a good choice)  to renew and protect the finish on your wood product.

  • Use a high quality plastic polish to renew and protect the finish on your acrylic product.

  • Use your product, especially fountain and rollerball pens. If not used regularly, the ink may start to dry.


Do Not

  • Use your product for a purpose for which it is not intended (ie screwdriver, hammer, package opener).

  • Try to disassemble your product. Most of our products are assembled using presses under hundreds of pounds of pressure. Disassembly requires special tools and techniques and attempting it without these tools and techniques will almost always destroy the product.

  • Expose your products (especially wood products) to temperature extremes. For example, do not leave your product in your vehicle. Extreme temperature changes can cause the product body to crack or split.

  • Drop your product (especially acrylic products) on a hard surface (concrete, granite, marble, etc.). The impact can cause the product body to split, crack, or chip. 

  • Expose your product to chemicals.

  • Expose your product to situations where the product can be abraided. Do not carry your product in your pants pocket or purse without a protective cover.

  • Expose your product to direct sunlight.  Exposure to UV light can cause the color of wood to fade or otherwise change from the original.

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