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We sincerely appreciate our customer feedback and would like to thank all that took the time to make the following comments.



 "I recieved my pen today and it is absolutely beautiful"


"You make a great product; the workmanship is impeccable"


"The photos of your pens do not do them justice. The pen I received is absolutely beautiful"

"...will buy again"

"Even at the height of the last-minute-holiday-shopping season, th people at the Old Master Pen Shoppe answered my email question quickly and shipped my order immediately. As anticipated, the package arrived in Puerto Rico in early January, and the 2 items ordered were exactly as described, exceeding all my hopes. They are beautiful, and well as comfortable to use. Thanks!" 

Pictures don't do it justice. Stunning. Comfortable to hold. Easy to swap ends and they stay in place tightly while crocheting. Fast shipping too. Thank you!

 I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not since I had tried a few others and wasn’t quite satisfied. However, I was finally satisfied and very pleased. I really really like this one. The 36” chain was exactly what I needed and the color is so vibrant that I am going to order another one for my mom for Mother’s Day. Thank you so much! The packaging is perfect and on point.


At least now when I have to rip out a seam I can do so with a lovely tool that is beautifully made! The shape of this fits so well in the hand.

As a quilter I do my fair share of seam ripping and now I won't mind so much!

This is BEYOND stunning. I knew it would be pretty, but I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of it! I have had a hard time getting back into my groove of making hastandbags since the whole quarantine thing...this makes me want to dive back in head first just so I can use it. After all, who are we kidding, the seam ripper is ALWAYS needed...even if we don’t want to admit it. 😆 I HIGHLY recommend you buy one for will NOT be disappointed. 🥰 Old Master Pen Shoppe for the win!🥰

A seam ripper this epic requires its own name. Mine shall henceforth be known as "The Madam of Corrections." It's got a good weight to it and I really like that, in the future, when the blades get dull I'll be able to replace them and keep the pretty part. My old seam ripper was a Walmart special and was so dull it barely functioned. This one is so nice and I love it!


This is just gorgeous, I absolutely love it!! Super fast shipping too! Thank you so much.

Outstanding craftsmanship, I love how it feels in my hand. I’ve been having arthritis issues and this is just the right size and weight. Will definitely shop from you again. I will also tell my friends where to find your shop. Thank you.

It's beautiful and has a wonderful weight to it. Works like a charm too. It got here just in time for some serious stitch picking. It's not as vividly bright as the pictures but I'm very pleased with it. I'd buy it again

It’s so pretty and well made. I love it! Best present to myself in a very long time

Beautiful work

I love this thing so much. I want a reason to buy another one.

This is excellent quality. It shipped quickly.

This works very well! Shipment was fast!

Pen arrived early, and was fine, just as I expected. Very nice felt case too.

Awesome. This is the second time I’ve ordered from this seller. I highly recommend.

Worked great and really looks nice

I received my item on May 30. Delighted with seller.

This hook is absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy with it. Can’t wait to start using it!

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