Handmade Tortoise Shell Seam Ripper Necklace with 24kt Gold Plating

Handmade Tortoise Shell Seam Ripper Necklace with 24kt Gold Plating

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The seam ripper necklace is handmade from Tortoise Shell Acrylic Acetate which is a an exciting mix of caramel, amber, and black polished to a glass like finish. This mix of colors give the very classic look of yesterday's vintage pens.  The hardware and chain are 24kt gold plated.

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    A seam ripper necklace is a necessity for any seamstress that wants her seam ripper easily accessible at all times. The seam ripper is attached to the necklace using a powerful earth magnet; when needed, simply pull the ripper from the necklace and when done simply reattach. The seam ripper includes a Japanese blade which is the most durable, sharpest, and most functional blade yet. Blades are removable and reversible for protection and storage. The seam ripper is approximately 3 1/2" long and 5/8" wide (actual dimensions vary due to the handcrafting process) and the finish matching mesh chain is 36" long. The pictured seam ripper necklace is the necklace you will receive and is shipped USPS in a necklace gift box usually within 24 hours of the order. Other gift boxes are available in the gift box menu. The necklace comes with Certificate of Handmade Authenticity and Registration, instructions for care, and written warranty. There is no finer gift to others or yourself than a stunningly beautiful, totally unique (the only one in the world), handmade quality utilitarian object that will be treasured and used for a lifetime.