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Handmade Hickory 5 Slot 18" Quilt Ruler Holder

Hickory 5 Slot 18" Quilt Ruler Holder

The quilt ruler holder is handmade from Shagbark Hickory. The heartwood tends to be light to medium brown with a reddish hue; the sapwood is a paler yellowish brown. Hickory is among the strongest and hardest woods native to the United States and grows in the eastern United States.

  • Details

    A quilt ruler holder is a great accessory for any quilter. The holder keeps your rulers handy and your workspace clear.  The holder has 5 horizontal slots to keep your rulers upright and visible and help prevent scratching. Vinyl feet on the bottom prevent the holder from slipping or moving. The slots accomodate Omnigrid and most other rulers. The holder is 3 1/2" wide and 18" long. The ruler holders are made out of solid wood so the picture may not reflect exactly what you receive but it will be made out of the type wood stated and is usually shipped within 24 hours of the order. Holder comes with Certificate of Handmade Authenticity and Registration, instructions for care, and written warranty. There is no finer gift to others or yourself than a stunningly beautiful, totally unique (the only one in the world), handmade quality utilitarian object that will be treasured and used for a lifetime.





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