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Lebanese Cedar with Chrome Plating

Lebanese Cedar with Chrome Plating

The double seam ripper/sewing stiletto is handmade from Lebanese Cedar (Cedars of Lebanon). The color of the wood body is cream to light reddish brown and grows in the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. The country of Lebanon prominently features the tree on its national flag and the species is named for the once extensive forest that grew across Mount Lebanon. Used by civilizations for millennia, the wood is referenced in the Bible as the source of the wood for Solomon's temple. The hardware is chrome plated.
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    A dazzling gift for any seamstress, this invaluable sewing tool will quickly become one of your favorites. You choose any two of three blade options: 1. Small seam ripper blade, 2. Large seam ripper blade, 3, Stiletto blade. The seam ripper option includes your choice of a small and/or a large Japanese blade which is the most durable, sharpest, and most functional blade yet. The stiletto option includes a sharp pointed tool that keeps fabric from shifting when sewing ends of seams and grabs and adjusts straying fabric with its sharp tip. It is ideal for needlework, sewing, leatherwork, and quilting. All blades are removable and reversible for protection and storage. The seam ripper/sewing stiletto is approximately 5 1/4" long and 5/8" wide (actual dimensions vary due to handcrafting process}. The pictured seam ripper/sewing stiletto (#574) is the item you will receive and is shipped in a felt pouch usually within 24 hours of order.
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